1. Which Japanese word, also used in the English language, means "empty orchestra"?
2. Which two stations on the London Underground are closest together?
 Leicester Square and Covent Garden
3. If all the signs of the zodiac were listed alphabetically, which would come second?
4. Which American building is the largest office building in the World with an area of around six and a half million square feet?
 The Pentagon
5. What is the third letter of the Greek alphabet?
6. Which famous rock star did Angie Barnett marry in 1970?
 David Bowie
7. What company is said to be responsible for Santa Claus being dressed in the colours red & white?
8. What famous train might you find on the Island of Sodor?
 Thomas The Tank Engine
9. What is Britain's oldest Sunday newspaper?
 The Observer
10. By what name is a modulator-demodulator better known as?
Tie Break How many points does Kermit the Frog have on his collar?