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1.On which date does Halloween fall?
2.What is the name given to a group of witches?
3.The mask in the film "Scream", which became a popular costume for dressing up in at Halloween, was based on a painting by which artist?
4.Which country celebrates "the day of the dead" instead of Halloween, which includes the tradition of passing a live person in a coffin through streets?
5.Who wrote the novel "The Witching Hour"?
6.What would you traditionally "bob" for at a Halloween party?
7.Originating from a story about an Irish blacksmith, you ran into the Devil in a pub, what name is given to a pumpkin if it has a face carved into it and is illuminated by a candle?
8.With which horror film would you associate the character of Leatherface?
9.Often played at Halloween, which song was a hit for Bobby "Boris" Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers in 1973?
10.In which two continents might you find vampire bats?
Tie BreakIn the film "Halloween", for how many years was the killer locked up in an asylum before he escaped?