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Can you work out which is the odd one out and why?

1.Tom Jones, Queen, Garbage, A-Ha?
Queen - the others have performed James Bond theme tunes.
2.James, Rita, Daniel, Esther?
Rita - the others are books of the bible.
3.Howard's End, 10 Things I Hate About You, Prospero's Books, Forbidden Planet?
Howard's End - the rest are based on plays by Shakespeare.
4.Timothy Claypole, Hazel McWitch, Miss Popov, Professor Yaffle?
Professor Yaffle - the others were characters in "Rentaghost", Professor Yaffle was in "Bagpuss".
5.3, 13, 23, 33?
33 - the others are prime numbers.
6.Austria, Canada, Argentina, Japan?
Argentina - the others have flags made up of the colours red and white.
7.Underground, Failure, Sorrow, Fame?
Failure- the others were hits for David Bowie.
8.Phoenix, Miami, Nashville, Boston?
Miami - all the others are state capitals.
9.Dundee, Garden, Christmas, Fairy?
Garden - the others are types of cake.
10.Eddie Cabot, Vincent Vega, Marsellus Wallace, Jules Winnfield?
Eddie Cabot - "nice guy" Eddie is a character from "Reservoir Dogs", the rest are from "Pulp Fiction".