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1.Which ex-American President won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002?
2.In a famous speech in 2002, who said `The glass ceiling was broken and I hope that this ceiling is shattered forever`?
3.In which 2002 TV series would you have found the characters of David Palmer and Jack Bauer?
4.How old was the Queen Mother when she died in 2002?
5.In 2002, Victoria Beckham challenged which football team to the rights of her `posh` nickname?
6.On 22nd September 2002, there was an earthquake in Britain, with the epicentre to the west of which midlands town?
7.Who did actor Ben Affleck get engaged to in November 2002?
8.In the 2002 Budget, by how many pence was tax raised on 20 cigarettes?
9.In how many countries did the Euro become legal on 1st January 2002?
10.Which team won the fair play award at the 2002 World Cup Finals?

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