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1.As at the start of 2003, what is the make and model of the bestselling car of all time?
2.What does RAC stand for?
3.The prancing horse is the symbol of which racing car?
4.Who designed the first modern petrol-driven internal combustion engine for the car?
5.What make of car featured in the film "Back To The Future"?
6.In which country was the first Audi made?
7.Behind U.S.A. which country has the second longest road network in the world?
8.According to the Highway Code, passengers of what age and above are responsible for themselves wearing a seatbelt?
9.What was the name of the Volkswagen Beetle which made it's first appearance in "The Love Bug"?
10.Which historical make of car was nicknamed the Tin Lizzie?
Tie BreakIn which year did Czechoslovakia become the first country to make seat belts compulsory?