Questions - Answers


1.Robin Hood
2.Bowled Over
3.Half Time
4.Back In A Minute
5.Cut A Long Story Short
6.Good Looking
7.Chance In A Million
8.Fish Out Of Water
9.Last But Not Least
10.Odds-On Favourite
11.Wish Upon A Star
12.Jack In The Box
13.Feeling On Top Of The World
14.I Before E Except After C
15.Au Pair
16.Go Forth And Multiply
17.Spread A Little Happiness
18.Lost For Words
19.10 Downing Street
20.Kiss And Make Up
21.Undercover Agent
22.Banana Split
24.Neon Lights
25.For Hire
26.Season Ticket
27.Long John Silver
28.Turn Of The Century
29.Pieces Of Eight
30.Put Two And Two Together