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1.Which non-human act have spent the most number of weeks in the UK charts?
2.What is the only American state with a name of just one syllable?
3.What is the most common name for a pub in Britain?
4.In "Star Trek", what colour is Mr. Spock's blood?
5.What is the second most common word in written English?
6.How many different ways are there to make change of a dollar? 111, 293 or 487?
7.What did the Barbie Doll get in 2000, which it hadn't had before?
8.In which arcade game, would you find ghosts called Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde?
9.Which 1997 film starring Jack Nicholson is known in China as "Mr. Cat Poop"?
10.As at March 2003, who were the last football team to win the FA Cup final wearing stripes?
Tie BreakHow many teaspoons are there in a cup?