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1.Where in the body would you find the hallux?
2.What are the main four blood groups?
3.The average person grows how many inches of hair each year? 6, 10 or 15?
4.More commonly known as the thigh bone, what is the medical name for the longest bone in the human body?
5.In degrees centigrade, what is the normal body temperature?
6.What word is used to describe someone who is neither left or right handed, but can use both hands with equal ease?
7.The condition of seasonal allergic rhinitis is better known by what name?
8.By what name is the trachea more commonly known?
9.What are the names given to the pits in the skin from which hairs grow out of?
10.Where in the body would you find the cochlea and the stirrup?
Tie BreakHow many bones are there in a normal human hand?