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1.As at March 2003, for which two films has Tom Cruise been nominated for a best actor award at the Oscars?
"Born On The Fourth Of July" and "Jerry Maguire"
2.Which 1959 film won 11 Oscars?
"Ben Hur"
3.Which actress won an Oscar in the 1990s playing the character of Veronica Lake?
Kim Basinger (in "L.A. Confidential")
4.Between 1939 and 1966 the Best Cinematography award was divided into which two categories?
Colour and Black & White
5.Which actor won the 1995 Best Supporting Actor Oscar and the 1999 Best Actor Oscar, currently the only two times he has been nominated?
Kevin Spacey
6.Who won a Best Supporting Actress Award in 1998 for a performance of less than 8 minutes of screen time?
Judi Dench
7.In terms of Oscar nominations, what do the 1972 film "Sleuth" and the 1975 film "Give 'em Hell Harry" have in common?
The entire cast of both films was nominated
8.After winning the 1989 Best Actor Oscar award who said in his speech "You've just provided me with the makings of one helluva weekend in Dublin"?
Daniel Day Lewis
9.As at 2003, how many women have won a Best Director Oscar?
10.Rick Baker won the first make-up Oscar for which 1981 horror film set in England?
"An American Werewolf In London"
Tie BreakIn what year was the best foreign film category introduced to the Academy Awards?