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1.What colour is Sonic the Hedgehog?
2.Walter Fredrick Morrison sold the rights to his "Pluto Platter" in 1955, but under what name did this toy become popular?
3.In the game of Cluedo, which of the rooms would come last alphabetically?
4.What won the toy of the year award in both 1980 and 1981?
5.In the game of Monopoly, how much does each player pay you if it's your birthday?
6.What item of food inspired the idea for the computer game pac man?
7.What is Barbie's boyfriend's first name?
8.How many points would the word "Scrabble" score in the game of Scrabble?
9.Which company who make toy cars and other models won the first toy of the year award in 1965 for a model Aston Martin from the first James Bond film?
10.What was the name of the Japanese virtual pets that became very popular throughout the world in 1997?
Tie BreakIn what year did plasticine first go on sale?