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1.What was Madonna's first UK number one?
2.In December 2000, which single became the first number one to have a boy's name as a title since Sister Sledge's "Frankie" 15 years earlier?
3.Which 1982 number one was based on the Zulu folk tune "Wimoweh"?
4.What was the first Take That number one where Robbie Williams sang lead vocals?
5.With which three other acts has David Bowie had number one singles?
6.In May 2000, who took over from Britney Spears as the youngest female to reach number one three times when she did so with the single "Day and Night"?
7."Someone hit royal tongue" is an anagram of which Elvis Presley number one?
8.In December 1990, who became the only act to top the charts in five decades?
9.Which charity song reached number one in 1987 in aid of Zeebrugge ferry disaster victims?
10.In 1997, who became the first family group to reach number one with their debut single?
Tie BreakHow many number ones did the Beatles have in the 1960s?