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Can you find the connection which links the answers to the first 9 questions

1.Who presented the TV show `Ski Sunday` for 19 years?
2.Which city is the film `The 51st State`, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Robert Carlyle, set in?
3.Which famous heavy metal band is named after a medieval torture device?
4.Which three letter word can go before `ton`, `go` or `rot` to form three new words?
5.Which fictional character is also known as Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in Japan and other coutries around the world?
6.What was the alternative name for the Poll Tax?
7.Which football team won the F.A. Cup in 1987 and in 1989 lost to Sutton United in the third round?
8.What is the oldest University in Britain?
9.What is the highest Waterfall in the world?
10.What is the connection?

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