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1.Who was the first unseeded player to win the Wimbledon Mens Singles title?
2.In what athletics event do you have to go backwards to win?
3.Which English football team has won the European Cup more times than they have won their own domestic league?
4.How many times are a team allowed to touch a volleyball before it crosses the net?
5.In 1931, what yearly event became the first ever sporting event to be televised in Britain?
6.In the 1984 Olympics, who did Zola Budd accidentally trip up?
7.Which radio and TV presenter holds the record for the longest holed golf putt to be televised?
8.In which sport would you go to a basho?
9.Leeds United's football strip changed from blue and gold to all white in 1961 after manager Don Revie wanted to model them on which team?
10.What are the 10 events which make up the decathlon?
Tie BreakIn which year were three points for a win introduced into the English football league?