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1.Big Brother first became a hit TV show in which country?
2.Who were the winners of Celebrity Big Brother 1 and 2?
3.In Big Brother 1, what was the colour of the chair in the diary room?
4.In Big Brother 2, who broke the world record for eating sweetcorn kernels?
5.The term Big Brother is taken from which George Orwell book?
6.Which Big Brother 3 contestant has appeared in TV adverts for Domestos?
7.In Big Brother 1, who replaced Nasty Nick after he was thrown out?
8.In Big Brother 4, which of the contestants first names would come last alphabetically?
9.In Big Brother 3, which animal did Jade think that chewing gum was made from?
10.What are the first names of the four runners up from Big Brother 1, 2, 3 and 4?