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1.As at the start of the 2003/04 season, how many winners of the English Premiership have there been?
2.Which two boxers were involved in the "Rumble In The Jungle" world title fight in 1974?
3.In judo, what colour belt follows yellow?
4.In which county is Lord's cricket ground?
5.In the English and Scottish football leagues, which team has the longest name?
6.Who was the first snooker player to score a maximum 147 break in World Championship snooker?
7.What was the first Australian city to host the Olympic games?
8.On a darts board, which number is directly opposite 1?
9.In cricket, how many runs is a double nelson?
10.In horse racing, which three racecourses stage the five English "classics"?
Tie BreakIn centimetres, how high is a table tennis table?