Bubble Tree Quizzes

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1.Which bird's name of four letters long can be put after "bit" to produce another bird's name?
2.What is the only anagram of the word "Monday"?
3.Which two-letter word can go after "tan" and "con" to produce two new words?
4.The Italian word for "scratched drawings" is used commonly in English. What is it?
5.What seven letter word, beginning with the letters 'Ra' is a palindrome?
6.Which four letter word can go before "beat" or "fall" or after "come" or "melt" to produce four new words?
7.What are the first three words in the Bible?
8.How many points would you get for the word "Scrabble" in a game of Scrabble?
9.What is the second most common word in written English behind "the"?
10.Which fruit can go in the middle of the word "aped" to make a new word?