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1.How many scottish football league teams names end in United?
2.Which town had a clock which always told the time "never too quickly, never too slowly"?
3.What is the largest state in America?
4.What part of the body is also the name of a punctuation mark?
5.In the world of politics, what was broadcast live on British television for the first time on 20th March 1990?
6.In 1796 Edward Jenner discovered a vacination for what?
7.What is graphology the study of?
8.Who provided the voice of the princess in the film 'Shrek'?
9.Which sea has shores in Europe, Asia and Africa?
10.What were the first names of the 5 original members of the pop group Hear'say?
Tie BreakIn which year did Karl Marx publish the first volume of Das Kapital?