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1.Which Bee Gee died while undergoing emergency surgery in January 2003?
2.In March 2003, which 29 year-old became the youngest ever recipient of the best actor Oscar?
3.What was the name of the Army major found guilty of cheating his way to 1 million on the TV show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire"?
4.Whose party did Aaron Barschak gatecrash in June 2003 to hit the headlines?
5.What was the name of the weapons expert who was found dead in the woods near his home in July 2003?
6.How many days did David Blaine remain in his perspex box for in his famous stunt?
7.Published in September 2003, who was the author of the children's book "The English Roses"?
8.Which psychological illusionist hit the headlines by playing Russian Roulette live on television in 2003?
9.In December, who did FIFA vote footballer of the year 2003?
10.Which female solo singer had the 8th biggest selling single of the year - the biggest selling single not to have reached number one?
Tie BreakIn March 2003, when the House of Commons backed war with Iraq, how many "yes" votes were there out of a total of 561?