1. Who had a top ten hit in the UK with "Cupid" in 1961?
 Sam Cooke
2. Who wrote the poem "A Red, Red Rose"?
 Robert Burns
3. Which company manufactured Love Hearts - packets of small round sweets each of which had a short message on?
4. Which 1999 Oscar winning film has a title which refers to a breed of rose and features a red rose on it's poster?
 American Beauty
5. Who played the title role in the film 'Shirley Valentine'?
 Pauline Collins
6. Approximately what percentage of Valentine's cards are bought by women? 50%, 70% or 85%?
7. In which TV sitcom is one of the characters said to have proposed to another on Valentine's Day by putting the message "Lee love Dawn, marriage?" in their local paper?
 The Office
8. In which century were the Wars Of The Roses fought?
9. The word "love" as used in the scoring of tennis is thought to have originated from the French word for what type of food?
 Egg (L'ouef)
10. How many times does the word "love" appear in the Bible? 3, 73 or 733?