Bubble Tree Quizzes

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1.The theme tune to which TV show starts with the line "Stick a pony in me pocket"?
2.Which Scotsman plays Doctor Edward Fitzgerald on television?
3.How did Judith Keppel make television history in November 2000?
4.In 'Friends', which character left home at an early age after her mother committed suicide?
5.Who was the first female presenter of 'Grandstand'?
6.Which actor and actress played Tom and Barbara Good in the TV show 'The Good Life'?
7.Who was the American who was voted number one in Channel 4's "100 Greatest TV Characters" poll of 2001?
8.In which TV show did the character of Jane Tennison first appear?
9.Which children's TV show featured a rag doll called Madeleine, a toad called Gabriel, a group of mice and a woodpecker called Professor Yaffle?
10.Put the following Eastenders actors and actresses in order of when they first appeared in the show - Lucy Benjamin, Todd Carty, Leslie Grantham, Barbara Windsor?