Bubble Tree Quizzes

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1.Which soap opera is set in the fictional county of Borsetshire?
2.Which pop star played Beth in "Neighbours" between 1991 and 1993?
3.As at 2004, which actor is the only member of the original "Coronation Street" cast who is still in the show?
4.What is the name of the fictional tube station in "Eastenders"?
5.In "Brookside", which character murdered her father and buried him under the patio and was also involved in the first lesbian kiss in a UK soap opera?
6.In which of the following soap operas has Oscar winning actor Russel Crowe appeared? "Neighbours", "Home And Away" or "The Flying Doctors"?
7.First shown on the station's launch night, what is Channel 5's first original soap opera called?
8.Originally starting as a six part series in 1957, "Calling Nurse Roberts", what was Britain's first medical soap and also the first serial to be shown twice-weekly?
9.In which year did "Emmerdale Farm" become "Emmerdale"? 1989, 1992 or 1995?
10.At the first British Soap Awards in 1999, which "Eastenders" actress won the "sexiest female" award?
Tie BreakHow many episodes of "Prisoner: Cell Block H" were made?