1. What is Strider's real name?
2. Which actress played Arwen in the trilogy of films?
 Liv Tyler
3. At which English university was J. R. R. Tolkein a professor when he wrote "The Lord Of The Rings"?
4. How many Black Riders are there? 3, 7, 5 or 9?
5. What was the name of Gollum before he committed murder to obtain the ring?
6. Actor Sean Astin who played Sam in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy starred in which of the following films in the 80s? The Lost Boys, The Goonies or Stand By Me?
 "The Goonies"
7. Which of the following characters is not an elf? Legolas, Eowyn, Elrond or Arwen?
8. What do the initials J. R. R. stand for in the author's name?
 John Ronald Reuel
9. What is Frodo's second name?
10. Who played Saruman in Peter Jackson's "Lord Of The Rings" films?
 Christopher Lee
Tie Break In which year did J. R. R. Tolkein die?