Can you complete the following story by entering the 10 most suitable pop groups or singers in the blanks (all of who have had number one singles).

The number of letters in their name is given in brackets after the number of each question.

`Are you going down to the _____ ____ (1: 5,4)?`, Dick`s mother asked as her son and his friend picked up their buckets and spades. `____ ____ (2: 4,4) and buy some ice cream` she said pointing to the loose change on the table. Dick took the money and as he opened the front door he heard his mother`s voice again. `And remember not to go near the _____ _______ (3: 5,7)` she shouted, thinking of the dangerous rock face by the sea.

It was _________ ________ (4: 9,8) for the time of year so the boys stripped down to their shorts. Steve`s shorts were red with blue stripes, while Dick`s were ______ ___ (5: 6,3). Dick bought some _______ ___ (6: 7,3) cream, but he only had enough money for one tub so Steve had to ____ (7: 4).

Later on a couple of other boys approached them. `Would __ (8: 2) like a game of football?` one of them said. Dick and Steve agreed and they played using their ___ ____ (9: 4,4) as goalposts. They were well beaten though as one of the other boys was a particularly good goalkeeper. `You made ______ ______ (10: 6,6) if we were ever going to score` Dick told him after the match.
1. ?
 Beach Boys
2. ?
 Take That
3. ?
 cliff Richard
4. ?
 Typically Tropical
5. ?
 Simply Red
6. ?
 Vanilla Ice
7. ?
8. ?
9. ?
 Four Tops
10. ?
 Stevie wonder