1. Who won Big Brother 4?
2. Which two housemates from Big Brother 2 got together to record a single for the 2002 World Cup?
3. How many housemates competed for Celebrity Big Brother 1? 6, 7 or 8?
4. Which Big Brother 5 housemate claimed he once won the title of "Best Buttocks South Lanarkshire"?
5. Which past housemate once said "I love blinking, I do"?
6. After they were evicted from Big Brother 3, on which Channel 4 TV show did Lee propose to Sophie?
7. Which two housemates from Big Brother 1 now have a son together called Pierce?
8. What two words with the initials B. M. did Davina McCall have on her t-shirt on the final night of Big Brother 2?
9. Which model took part in Celebrity Big Brother 2?
10. Who was the first of all the Big Brother housemates to release a single?