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1.Who won Big Brother 4?
2.Which two housemates from Big Brother 2 got together to record a single for the 2002 World Cup?
3.How many housemates competed for Celebrity Big Brother 1? 6, 7 or 8?
4.Which Big Brother 5 housemate claimed he once won the title of "Best Buttocks South Lanarkshire"?
5.Which past housemate once said "I love blinking, I do"?
6.After they were evicted from Big Brother 3, on which Channel 4 TV show did Lee propose to Sophie?
7.Which two housemates from Big Brother 1 now have a son together called Pierce?
8.What two words with the initials B. M. did Davina McCall have on her t-shirt on the final night of Big Brother 2?
9.Which model took part in Celebrity Big Brother 2?
10.Who was the first of all the Big Brother housemates to release a single?