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Can you find the connection that links each of the answers to the first nine questions?

1.Which of "The Simpsons" can play the saxophone?
2.Who is the last English-born player to win the men's singles title at Wimbledon?
Fred Perry
3.Which famous painter's surname was Harmenzoon van Rijn which translated as "son of Harmen, of the Rhine"?
4.In the late 1980s, who presented the Channel 4 TV show "The Last Resort"?
Johnathan Ross
5.Which famous singer and actress would you associate with the perfume "Glow"?
Jennifer Lopez
6.In which American city was John Lennon shot?
New York City
7.Who did Bill Clinton famously admit to having an affair with during his time as President of the USA?
Monica Lewinsky
8.What name is given to a baby Kangaroo?
9.What is the name given to someone who makes candles and is also the surname of the author of "The Big Sleep"?
10.What is the connection?
The TV show 'Friends'
Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry are actors in the show, The Rembrandts perform the theme tune, Ross is one of the characters, Jennifer Aniston is an actress in the show, It is set in New York City, Monica, Joey and Chandler are all characters in the show

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