1. By what name is Cherilyn Sakasian La Pierre better known?
2. At which racecourse is the Grand National run?
3. What place in history do "Little Boy" and "Fat Man" hold?
 They were the names of the two atom bombs dropped on Japan
4. In which European country is Dalmatia, from where the Dalmation dog gets its name?
5. Which famous film was the first filmed in colour to win an Oscar for Best Picture?
 Gone With The Wind
6. Which 'T' was the surname of the subject of the first of the Mr Men books?
 Mr. Tickle
7. In 1980, who became the first British solo female artist to have a UK number one album?
 Kate Bush
8. Who created the words "obscene", "drugged", "torture" and "assassination"?
 William Shakespeare
9. Which drink was advertised on TV by Joan Collins and Leonard Rossiter?
10. In which capital city was actor Russell Crowe born?
Tie Break In square kilometres, what is the area of the Caspian Sea?