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1.In which city would you find the two English league grounds which are closest to each other?
2.Which of the following was introduced first to the game of football? The World Cup, Linesmen or Shirt Numbering?
3.Which English football team are nicknamed the Tractor Boys?
4.In the world of football, why was Juanito famous in 1970, Gauchito in 1978 and Pique in 1986?
5.In 1995, which Scandanavian footballer became the first overseas player to win the Scottish Player of the Year award?
6.As at August 2004, who is Englands all time top goalscorer?
7.Which European football team play there home matches at the Delle Alpi?
8.Who were Manchester United playing when Eric Cantona performed his famous kung-fu kick on a fan?
9.What was used on the field of play in the 1973 F.A. Cup Final but has never been used since?
10.Which three Scottish league football teams have a part of the body mentioned in their name?
Tie BreakIn which year was the Charity Shield first contested?