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Can you find the connection that links each of the answers to the first nine questions?

1.Which Eastenders actor has played the policeman Nick Rowan on TV?
2.Which gift is traditionally given on a 15th wedding anniversary? China, Crystal or Tin?
3.In 1916, 55% of cars were of what make?
4.In which 1980s American TV show are the two main characters called Christine and Mary Beth?
5.Cable-stayed, Pontoon and Suspension are all types of what?
6.As at September 2004, which footballer is the all time top scorer in the English Premiership who doesn't normally play as a striker?
7.What is the capital of Tenerife and is also the name of a city in California?
8.Which band released the album "Second Coming" in 1994, five years after their debut album?
9.Which TV personality announced he was gay in 1995 and split from his wife Cheryl?
10.What is the connection?

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