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1.Which alcoholic drink would you need to make the cocktail Tom Collins? Vodka, Whiskey or Gin?
2.From which country does the dish paella originate?
3.Which famous drinks company's name originates from a medical condition concerning stomach pains that it was initially intended to cure?
4.Which company makes the chocolate sweets Smarties?
5.What is the most popular fruit in the world?
6.Which brand of beer does Homer Simpson drink regularly?
7.From which animal does Haggis come?
8.What type of food is John Montagu credited with inventing in 1765, who said that he liked this food because be could continue to gamble at the same time as eating it?
9.Which drink appears in the titles of hit singles for Blur and All Saints?
10.Which two popular fruits are anagrams of each other?
Tie BreakIn kilograms, how heavy was the doner kebab made by Sami Eid in 2001 which made it into the Guinness Book Of World Records as the largest doner kebab in the world?