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Can you work out which is the odd one out and why?

1.Alan Shepard, Neil Armstrong, John Glenn, Buzz Aldrin?
2.Mean Machine, Bulletproof Bomb, Compact Pussycat, Dragon Wagon?
3.Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, John F Kennedy, Marco Polo?
4.Jackson, Collins, Denver, Austin?
5.Death On The Nile, The Sign Of The Four, The Mysterious Affair At Styles, Sparkling Cyanide?
6.Saruman, Arwen, Elrond, Legolas?
7.Northern, District, Central, Eastern?
8.Silver, Ivory, Marble, Diamond?
9.Diana Ross, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Ferry Aid?
10."A burp is not an answer", "The new kid is a person too", "Goldfish don't bounce", "I was not the sixth Beatle"?