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1.Who wrote the play "Shirley Valentine"?
Willy Russell
2.Which English King declared first declared Valentine's Day an official holiday in 1537?
Henry VIII
3.Which rock group did singer Courtney Love form in 1992?
4.Which singer married Renate Blauel on St. Valentine's Day in 1984?
Elton John
5.Who played Shakespeare in the Oscar winning film "Shakespeare In Love"?
Joseph Fiennes
6.On what day of the week was Valentines Day in the year 2000?
7.With which sport would you associate Davis Love III?
8.Who had a hit with the song "Paper Roses" in 1973?
Marie Osmond
9.Which famous explorer was murdered by natives of Hawaii on Valentine's Day in 1779?
James Cook
10.Which 1997 film was a character called Rose played by two different actresses, both of whom received Oscar nominations for their parts?