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1.Who did Sue Barker replace as host of the BBC quiz show "A Question Of Sport"?
David Coleman
2.In 1999, what film became Tom Hanks first sequel?
Toy Story 2
3.What was the name of the robot dog that became a regular companion for "Doctor Who"?
4.Which former "Blue Peter" presenter was involved in the first National Lottery TV draw in November 1994?
Anthea Turner
5.Who played The Joker in the 1989 film "Batman"?
Jack Nicholson
6.Who were the three stars of the TV show "The Goodies"?
Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie
7.Who were the original presenters on Channel 4's "Big Breakfast"?
Chris Evans and Gaby Roslin
8.In which Bond film does Britt Ekland play the character of Mary Goodnight?
The Man With The Golden Gun
9.Which actress divorced Dennis Quaid in 2001 after she had an affair with Russell Crowe?
Meg Ryan
10.Which famous female character of TV and films was played by a male when she was first introduced to our screens in 1943?
Tie BreakIn Channel 4's 1999 poll to find the "100 Greatest Movie Stars", in what position was Michael Caine?