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1.Who resides at Clarence House?
Prince Charles (and Duchess Camillia, Princes William and Prince Harry)
2.Which British monarch reigned for longer than any other?
Queen Victoria
3.In what way are Pharos, Emma and Linnet connected with the Royal Family?
They are the names of the Queen's corgis
4.In which year was Prince William born?
5.As at April 2004, how many different Prime Ministers has the Queen given audience to?
6.Which member of the Royal family was born on March 23rd 1990?
Princess Eugenie
7.Which of the following monarchs reigned earlier than the others? William II, Henry II or Edward II?
William II
8.What is the official title of Camilla now that she has married Prince Charles?
Duchess of Cornwall
9.Who was King during World War I?
George V
10.What is the Queens official residence in Scotland?
The Palace Of Holyrood House (Balmoral is her private residence)
Tie BreakAt the time of her golden jubilee, how many ships had the Queen launched?