Bubble Tree Quizzes

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1.On what date does St George's Day fall?
2.Which George directed the 2002 film "Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind"?
3.In 2002, who was the highest placed 'George' in the BBC poll of 100 Greatest Britons?
4.Which George is the author with the real name of Eric Arthur Blair?
5.What was George's surname in "George And Mildred"?
6.True or False: There was someone called George in Enid Blyton's "Secret Seven"?
7.What type of animal was George in the children's TV show "Rainbow"?
8.Which George had top ten hits in the 1980s with "Give Me The Night" and "In Your Eyes"?
9.Who played the title role in 1997 film "George Of The Jungle"?
10.Which King created the George Cross medal? George III, George V or George VI?
Tie BreakIn which year did St George die?