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1.Who is the only housemate so far to have been known by initials rather than a name?
2.What do Anna, Helen, Jonny, Ray and Jason have in common?
3.What is Marcus Bentley's claim to fame in the world of "Big Brother"?
4.Which housemate was voted 4th in Channel 4's "100 Worst Britons" poll of 2003?
5.In series 3 of "Celebrity Big Brother", who voluntarily left the house after just 6 days?
6.Who was the first person to be removed from the house because of a fight?
7.Who "liked blinking"?
8.Sunita was a housemate in which series?
9.Who replaced "Nasty Nick" in the house in series 1?
10.By what three names are Paul Ferguson, Herjender Gosal and Kieron Harvey better known as to "Big Brother" viewers?