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1.Which detective from New Mexico had a boss called Chief Peter B Clifford?
2.Which policeman was brought back to life for a long-running TV series after he had been killed in the 1950 film "The Blue Lamp"?
3.After playing Jed Clampett in “The Beverly Hillbillies”, Buddy Ebsen went on to play which TV detective in the 1970s?
4.In which TV program did PC McGarry appear?
5.Who played the title role in the 1980s TV show "T. J. Hooker"?
6.Author Colin Dexter is best know for creating which TV detective?
7.The TV show "The Professionals" featured characters called Bodie and Doyle, but which of these was a policemant before he joined CI5?
8.Which tough New York cop had subordinates called Crocker, Stavros and Saperstein?
9.Z Victor One was a regular call sign for a car in which TV series?
10."Killer" was the title of the 1983 pilot for which long running TV detective show?