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Can you find the connection which links the answers to the first 9 questions?

1.According to the film "Gremlins", if you are looking after a Gremlin you should not feed him after midnight, not get him wet and not expose him to what?
Bright Light
2.Which African American civil rights activist was assassinated in 1968 by escaped convict James Earl Ray?
Martin Luther King
3.The Canary Islands are named after what animal?
4.Which George Orwell novel features a character called Napoleon?
Animal Farm
5.Which 1997 British film had the working title of "Eggs, Beans and Chippendales"?
The Full Monty
6.Lord David Sutch, who committed suicide in 1999, was famous for founding what in 1983?
The Monster Raving Loony Party
7.Which colour features in the title of number one hits by Tom Jones and Shakin Stevens?
Green ("Green Green Grass Of Home" and "Green Door")
8.In a greyhound race, what colour does the greyhound in trap 3 wear?
9.What does the letter "C" stand for in the boxing organisation W. B. C.?
10.What is the connection?
The word "House" - Lighthouse, House Martin, Doghouse, Farmhouse, Full House, House Party, Greenhouse, The White House, Council House

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