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Can you answer the following question on TV shows from past and present?

1.Which actor, best known for his work in TV sitcoms, narrated the children`s show `Roobard And Custard`?
2.Which TV show, which is still running today, began in 1963 with a girl called Susan Foreman living with her grandfather in a junkyard?
3.Who presented the first ever edition of `Top Of The Pops`?
4.Which TV show takes place in Summer Bay?
5.In which fictional TV place in the 1980s might you have found Doozers?
6.Actor Gil Gerard is best known for his portrayal of which sci-fi character?
7.In `Bargain Hunt` how much money is each team given at the start of the show to buy their items?
8.In which TV show did the character Louby Loo appear?
9.Who hosted the TV game show `The Krypton Factor`?
10.What was J.R.`s surname in the TV soap opera `Dallas`?

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