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Can you answer the following general knowledge questions where the last letter of each answer is the first letter of the next answer.

1.Which musical instrument's name means "Play Of Bells" in German?
2.Which car company make a sports car called "Diablo"?
3.In which country were Cliff Richard, Rudyard Kipling and George Orwell born?
4.Which English football team won the European Cup in 1982?
5.What type of creature would live in a Formicary?
6.Which 1982 horror film was directed by John Carpeneter and takes place at the South Pole?
7.What is the name of the village in which Postman Pat does his rounds?
8.Who was the first foreign footballer to captain an FA Cup winning side?
9.What is the most western state in America?
10.Which Swedish pop group released the album "The Bridge" in 1995?