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1.Bon Scott was the lead singer for which famous rock band?
2.Which two singers duetted on the 1987 hit "I Knew You Were Waiting For Me"?
George Michael and Aretha Franklin
3.Who was the first Beatle to get married?
John Lennon (to Cynthia Powell in 1962)
4.Which word appears in the title of a Police hit in 1981, a Queen hit in 1986 and a Take That hit in 1992?
Magic (Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, A Kind Of Magic, Could It Be Magic)
5.Which female singer became famous after starring in the BBC TV documentary "The Cruise"?
Jane MacDonald
6.Which group who had several hits in the UK in the 1980s was named after an American firetruck?
REO Speedwagon
7.What was Madonna's first UK number one single?
Into The Groove
8.What was the surname of the woman who was the inspiration behind the Rolling Stones song "Angie"?
Bowie (Angie Bowie was David Bowie's wife at the time)
9.Harry Wayne Casey, a record store worker in Miami, formed which group in 1973?
K. C. and the Sunshine Band
10.How many sisters are in the group Sister Sledge?
Tie BreakThe Oasis single "All Around The World" has the longest running time for a number one hit single, but how long in minutes and seconds is it?
9 minutes and 38 seconds