Can you find the connection which links the answers to the first 9 questions?
1. Who plays thief Neil McCauley in the 1995 film "Heat"?
 Robert De Niro
2. In a recent BBC TV series, Peter O'Toole and David Tennant play the older and younger version of which 18th century Italian?
3. In which of Shakespeare's plays did he coin the phrase "star-crossed lovers"?
 Romeo And Juliet
4. Which composer shares his name with the title star of a 1992 film about a St Bernard dog?
5. Which film star was elected mayor of Carmel in California in 1986?
 Clint Eastwood
6. On 11th February 1990, which famous person was released from Victor-Verster prison?
 Nelson Mandela
7. In the film "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure", out of all the historical characters Bill and Ted pick up to help with their history presentation, who is the only female?
 Joan Of Arc
8. In the late 1950s, who had top ten hits with "Peggy Sue" and "Rave On"?
 Buddy Holly
9. Who won Best Actress Oscars for "Jezebel" and "Dangerous" in the 1930s as well as being nominated for 9 others throughout her career?
 Bette Davis
10. What do all these people have in common?
 They have all featured in the titles of hit songs