1. Which footballer won the Golden Boot for scoring the most goals at 1986 World Cup Finals?
 Gary Lineker
2. Which cricketer captained England's Ashes winning team of 2005?
 Michael Vaughn
3. Which sport features in the Alfred Hitchcock film "Strangers On A Train"?
4. Which snooker player is nicknamed the Rocket?
 Ronnie O Sullivan
5. The field of play for which sport is often called a grid-iron?
 American Football
6. At which event has Steve Backley won Olympic Bronze and Silver medals?
7. The Solheim cup is the women's equivalent of which famous sporting cup?
 The Ryder Cup
8. Who did Alex Ferguson succeed as manager of Manchester united?
 Ron Atkinson
9. What is the final event in a decathlon?
 1500 metres
10. Peter Simple, Jack Horner and Ben Nevis have all won which famous sporting event?
 The Grand National
Tie Break What was the attendance at the 2003 Rugby World Cup final when England beat Australia?