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Can you find the connection which links the answers to the first 9 questions?

1.Which University in the UK has the largest number of students?
The Open University
2.The legendary creature the Griffin has the head of which bird?
3.Which famous actress released the album "Everything I've Got In My Pocket" in 2004?
Minnie Driver
4.Which childrens novel by Raymond Briggs has a main character whose job it is to scare people?
Fungus The Bogeyman
5.What is the colour of the flag of Libya, which is the only national flag consisting of only one colour?
6.Which patron saint's day is observed on November 30th?
St Andrew's
7.What is Fleetwood Mac's only UK number one single?
8.Which chemical element has the symbol "Fe"?
9.The actor Johnny Depp had a tattoo on his arm surgically altered after the break up of his relationship with which actress?
Winona Ryder (The tattoo "Winona Forever" was altered to "Wino Forever"!)
10.What is the connection?
Golf (The Open and Ryder Cup are golf competitions, Eagle, Bogey and Albatross are terms used in scoring, Drivers and Irons are types of golf club, St Andrews is a famous golf course and Greens are the area of prepared grass around golf holes)

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