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Can you identify which number, letter or word comes next in the following sequences?

1.dd, pp, lal, ld, mam, sas, _
gal ("Geese A Laying" in the song "The Twelve Days Of Christmas")
2.z, x, c, v, b, n, _?
m (the letters on the bottom row of a keyboard or typewriter)
3.hw, eh, hw, jc, mt, jm, _?
tb (the initials of the British Prime Ministers since 1970)
4.j, f, m, a, m, j, _?
j (the first letter of the months of the year)
5.dn, frwl, g, t, yolt, _?
daf (the initials of the Bond films starring Sean Connery)
6.ii, iii, v, vii, xi, xiii, xvii, _?
xix (prime numbers in roman numerals), os, cc, bs, lss, c, pl, st, _?
m ("Mayfair" - the initials of the squares on the last row of a monopoly board)
8.Charlie, Mike, Oscar, Romeo, _?
Victor (boys names in the phonetic alphabet)
9.a, t, g, c, l, v, l, s, s, c, a, _?
p (Pisces - the signs of the zodiac)
10.n, n, s, e, n, s, s, e, n, n, e, w, s, e, w, s, e, e, n, n, s, s, e, e, n, n, s, s, e, e, n, n, e, s, s, _?
w (if you draw lines of equal direction as in the directions of a a compass this will spell out the word 'hello')