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1.Which famous person in history was Eva Braun married to for just one night before she commited suicide?
2.Which American city was the intended destination for the Titanic on its maiden voyage in 1912?
3.Which two words are inscribed on a Victoria Cross?
4.What was significant about the words "Watson, please come here, I want you." when spoken in 1876?
5.Which historical person is responsible for giving the teddy bear its name?
6.As at November 2005, who is the only British Prime Minister to have been appointed and dismissed four times, serving four separate terms in office?
7.For how many years did the 30 Years War last? 27, 30 or 36?
8.In 1959, what became the 50th state of the USA?
9.Introduced in 46 BC by Julius Caesar, how many months was the Julian calendar divided into?
10.What was the first university to be established in Britain? Oxford, Cambridge or Durham?
Tie BreakIn which year did Josephine Cochrane invent the dishwasher?