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1.In July 2005, where in Scotland did the 31st G8 summit take place?
2.Which actress won the Best Actress Award at the Oscars in February 2005?
Hilary Swank
3.Why did the organisers of the 2005 Grand National delay the start of the race by 25 minutes?
To avoid a clash with Prince Charles and Camilla's wedding
4.On July 16th, what became the fastest selling book in history, selling almost 7 million copies in USA within 24 hours?
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
5.Which famous model narrowly missed out on a public vote to represent the United Kingdom in the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest?
Jordan (Katie Price)
6.In May 2005, the Sun newspaper caused a stir after publishing a photo of which 68 year old in his underwear?
Saddam Hussein
7.In January's Celebrity Big Brother, who became the oldest contestant to have appeared in any UK Big Brother show?
Jackie Stallone (aged 82)
8.In which country did the first of the series of Live 8 concerts begin?
9.In 2005, which footballer broke David James' record of playing in 159 consecutive Premiership league matches?
Frank Lampard
10.Which four cities did London beat to win the right to hold the Olympic Games in 2012?
Paris, Moscow, New York and Madrid
Tie BreakHow many votes in total did Labour receive in the 2005 General Election?