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Can you identified the famous people who said the following quotes in 2005?

1.In April 2005, who said "I think I need to apologise to the nation for having to stop like that, but I was losing 10 seconds every time my stomach cramped up"?
2.To what was Tony Blair referring to when he said "It is not often in this job that you get to punch the air and do a little jig and embrace the person standing next to you"?
3.After the Hurricane Katrina disaster in 2005, which rapper said "George Bush doesn't care about black people"?
4.To whom was Prince Charles referring in his outburst against the press when he said "I can't bear that man"?
5.In 2005, which celebrity said "I am the closest thing to American royalty"?
6.Whose Oscar speech included the line "Give it up for Ray Charles and his beautiful legacy - and thank you, Ray Charles for living"?
7.After being given the freedom of his home town, who said in 2005 "That means I can drive a flock of sheep through the town centre, drink for free in no less than 64 pubs and get a lift home with the police when I become inebriated - what more could you want" and which town was he talking about?
8.Which Live8 performer said "We as a nation have robbed, killed, stolen and tortured the third world for centuries"?
9.In 2005, which actor said that he celebrated with "a couple of Martinis" after being chosen to play a high profile role?
10.After his side were beaten by a controversial goal, which football manager said "Liverpool scored, if you can say that they scored, because maybe you should say the linesman scored"?