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1.Which "Generation Game" presenter was famous for his catchphrase "Shut That Door"?
2.During which TV game show were the contestants invited to go "wild in the aisles"?
3.What was the name of the regular scorekeeper on the comedy gameshow "Shooting Stars" and what was the name of the comedian who played him?
4.Who were the original team captains on the charades style game show "Give Us A Clue"?
5.The horse from the film 'Toy Story 2' shares its name with which TV game show?
6.Who hosted the BBC gameshow "Going For Gold" which featured contestants from various European countries?
7.Of all the gameshows that were revived for a series of one-off specials in "Ant And Dec's Gameshow Marathon" which was the oldest?
8.Who was the special guest who took part in the 200th edition of "A Question Of Sport" to help give it its highest ever viewing figures of over 19 million?
9.Who presented "Ask The Family" when it was revived in 2005?
10.What were the names of the four original zones in "The Crystal Maze"?
Tie BreakBy the end of the 17th series of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" in 2005, how many people had sat in the hot seat?