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Can you answer the following 9 questions and work out the connection between the answers?

1.Who commanded the Scottish army at the Battle Of Bannockburn?
2.Which "Friends" star danced onstage with Bruce Springsteen in the 1984 music video for "Dancing In The Dark"?
3.Who bought Chelsea football club for 1 in 1982?
4.With which re-released song did The Bluebells have a number one hit in 1993?
5.At which athletics event did American Mike Powell break the world record in 1991, a record which had stood for almost 33 years?
6.International Nursing Day was chosen as May 12th as it is the anniversary of the birth of which famous person from history?
7.Which 1960s TV character had a name which was derived from the phrase "Man Appeal"?
8.In music, which group named themselves after the main character in the 1984 film "Paris, Texas"?
9.Who were the last football team other than Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea to win the top league in England?
10.What is the connection?

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